about atalia thailand

Atalia Thailand is like a subsidiary Branch of Atalia srl ​​Italy, founded in 1987.


Atalia Thailand was founded in 2015 for importation and marketing needs of some "Made in Italy" products, already well distributed in other Asian Countries, more specifically also on Thai market.


Gobbetto resins, the Italian manufacturer of flooring materials, both indoor and outdoor, is currently the most important part of the activity carried out in Thailand.

Importing and applying resins is having the same success in Europe and, through our organization, also in Japan over the last 20 years.

In addition to the resins, at Atalia Thailand’s Bangkok offices we have a rich Art Gallery "Leonardo Arte & Collections" with artworks, paintings and sculptures, imported mostly from Italy, but also by local Thai and Asian artists.

Finally, we also deal with the disribution of lighting and objects, representing some Italian and foreign Brands throughout the Asian territory.