he highly professional area where Gobbetto move draws the trail offering the solutions and researches of architects, artists and designers in the application of resins in Italy since 60’s. Gobbetto’s activity is devoted to develop high technology systems and techniques to obtain surfaces and backgrounds, capable to highlight contents, artistic and communicative languages, expressed through the plasticity of resin materials. Monosint®, Dega® Art, Dega® Spatolato, Dega® Carpet e Flexint® represent the evolution in the field of innovative surfaces suitable for outdoor and indoor, industrial or residential floorings and coatings.



Spatula-applied resin floors and coatings with the use of traditional techniques, suitable for seamless surfaces with spatulated effects, highlighted to greater or lesser extents. Dega Art Spatulated shows good features of resistance to wear and foot traffic. Easy cleaning, it is suitable for showrooms, shops, residences, offices, and heavily trod spaces. Ranging from stone effects to most essential and tailored effects – bright, matt, satin finish. Medium, thickness 2-3 mm



Dega® Art: surfaces for resin floors and coatings obtained with mixed techniques and variously assorted inserted decorations. The esthetical effects are impressed by hand, in a wide range of colours – bright, matt, satin finish. Medium thickness 2-3 mm. Good features of resistance to wear and foot traffic – easy cleaning. Suitable for residences, offices, showrooms.



Monosint®: Paving monolithic based on thermosetting resins modified with high resistance against chemical and physical; coating thicknesses of from 2.5 to 10 mm. The surface is monolithic, anti-acid, waterproof and resistant to wear. It ‘available in various colors with glossy or satin finish. Monosint is designed for use in industrial, food and pharmaceutical companies, car dealers, hospital wards.



Dega Rock® 50 is a bicomponent resin filler that can be used to prepare surfaces to be coated with resin, such as old crumbl cement, plaster or porcelain stoneware floors. It gives the finish floor a natural rocky stone look; its special resistance to water, together with excellent breathability, make it especially suitable for coating exterior facades of civil and industrial buildings, for coating floors and walls of rooms that are washed frequently with water, for example bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, as well as for outdoor applications on terraces and porches, swimming pool decks, etc. Gobbetto Dega Rock® line comes in two different formulations: Dega Rock® 50 for textural effects, stone effects and Dega Rock® 25 for vertical applications without dripping.




Dega® Carpet: Outdoor paving based on binding resins mixed with sands and natural inert substances; medium thickness: 2-3 cm. Dega Carpet, applied by suitably trained staff, has a pleasant esthetical appearance, anti-slip, resistant to atmospheric agents and has a very natural look. Suitable to create pedestrian walkways, cycle tracks, footpaths for parks and public spaces.



Flexint is an elastic resin, epoxy, solvent free, non-toxic compound, specifically developed to finish flexible and gummy surfaces. Ideal choice to obtain floorings and coatings intended for kindergartens, children bedrooms, gyms, multifunction facilities and any spaces where smooth and elastic surfaces are required. Available also Flexint UV (transparent, more resistent to yellowing). Flexint is suitable to coat stuffed armchairs, furniture, to create decorated carpets, ornaments and objects Flexint is an elastic film with variable, even high thicknesses.



Poliepo Biolux® is an epoxy, solvent-free, non-toxic resin, specifically developed to release, once in the dark, the energy accumulated during exposure to a light source, as green light and light blue. It is ideal to decorate walls, indoor places and objects. It can be applied either in the building field and on furnishing complements; it can also be used in very different sectors, such as the advertising market.

Poliepo Biolux, thanks to its phosphorescence characteristic, can be used to create decorated or informative, joyous or functional surfaces. These applications are ideal in dark or poorly lit places. Available packaging Kg 1,4.


Poliepo Biolight® Night&Day

Poliepo Biolight® is a solvent-free, non-toxic resin that in daylight is coloured with bright tones; in the dark, instead, it releases the absorbed energy in the form of soft phosphorescent light in five colours (green, yellow, red, orange and blue). Poliepo Biolight®, thanks to its phosphorescence characteristic, allows creating decorative or informative, playful or functional surfaces, ideal for dark or poorly lit places. It can be used not only in the building and furnishing accessories sector, but also in very different sectors such as the advertising market. Available in Poliepo Biolight®, self-levelling, ideal for thick or moulded creations, Dega® Biolight as finish even on vertical surfaces.



Poliepo Termo® is an epoxy, thermo-sensitive resin: in contact with an artificial or natural heat source, such as a hand or the sun, it changes colour and once the heat source is away or fades down, it gradually lets the original colour reappear. Application environments are therefore connected with the realization of floorings and coatings, such as showrooms. It is ideal also to create furniture or objects of ludic or transforming nature. Poliepo Termo® can also be used in the field of bathroom accessories: the warm water follow makes the surface treated with Poliepo Termo change colour. Poliepo Termo® finds application in the field of car accessories too.

Available packaging Kg 1,4



Street Spot®: Coating resinifero advertising that involves the application of commercials and posters impregnated with special resins transparent line-DEGA Monosint ®, solvent-free, non-slip and non-flammable – class 1 (one). STREET SPOT is applicable on surfaces of various nature and is easily removable thanks to the use of a special primer release agent which guarantees a good adhesion and at the same time subjected to steam or hot air at 100 ° C. is removed without residue and without damaging the treated surfaces. Uses

coated with commercials removed, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, external paving, tiles, etc …

It ‘a system usable and removable, therefore particularly suitable for posters and commercials temporary and provisional.